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Complete list of all of our artists Documentary/Narrative Animation/Characters

Male Voices
Tunde Adesina
TUNDE ADESINA - Teens - 20s, energy, real, contemporary TUNDE ADESINA - American TUNDE ADESINA - Narrative
Barry Aird
BARRY AIRD - 30s-40s - informative, warm, reassuring BARRY AIRD - Documentary/Narrative
Henry Blofeld
HENRY BLOFELD - 50s-60s - Cricket commentator, upper crust, distinctive
Paul Brennen
PAUL BRENNEN - 20s-30s - Newcastle - natural, character, fun PAUL BRENNEN - Documentary/Narrative
Dugald Bruce-Lockhart
DUGALD BRUCE-LOCKHART - 30s-40s - engaging, gravitas, warm DUGALD BRUCE-LOCKHART - Animation/Characters/Gaming DUGALD BRUCE-LOCKHART - Documentary/Narrative
Mike Burnside
MIKE BURNSIDE - 50s-60s - Medium to deep, quirky, distinctive MIKE BURNSIDE - Documentary/Narrative
Updated! James Cannon
JAMES CANNON - 30s-40s - Upbeat, energy, informative JAMES CANNON - Documentary/Narrative
Dario Coates
DARIO COATES - Teens - 30s - charismatic, fantastic characters DARIO COATES - Animation/Characters DARIO COATES - Documentary/Narrative
Harvey Cook
HARVEY COOK - 30s-40s - Medium to deep, rich, corporate HARVEY COOK - Documentary/Narrative
Gordon Cooper
GORDON COOPER - Scottish - 20s-40s - gravelly, energy, quirky GORDON COOPER - Animation/Characters/Gaming GORDON COOPER - Documentary/Narrative
Patrick Cremin
PATRICK CREMIN - 30s-40s - engaging, characters, warm, informative PATRICK CREMIN - Animation/Characters PATRICK CREMIN - Documentary/Narrative
Edmund Dehn
EDMUND DEHN - 40s-60s - Soothing, powerful, trustworthy EDMUND DEHN - Animation/Characters EDMUND DEHN - Documentary/Narrative
Adam Diggle
ADAM DIGGLE - 20s-30s - Northern - genuine, modern ADAM DIGGLE - Animation/Character ADAM DIGGLE - Documentary/Narrative
Robert Elms
ROBERT ELMS - 30s-40s - London - attitude, laid back, edgy
Alistair Findlay
ALISTAIR FINDLAY - 50s+ - Trustworthy, mellow, engaging ALISTAIR FINDLAY - Documentary/Narrative
New! Kieran Gough
KIERAN GOUGH - 30s-40s - engaging, charming, warm, informative
Colin Griffiths-Brown
COLIN GRIFFITHS-BROWN - 30s-40s - Distinctive, textured, powerful
Brian Herring
BRIAN HERRING - teens-30s - Animated, versatile, youthful BRIAN HERRING - Animation/Characters BRIAN HERRING - Documentary/Narrative
Shash Hira
SHASH HIRA - Teens-30s - versatile, energy, animated SHASH HIRA - Animation/Character SHASH HIRA - Documentary/Narration
Ian Hughes
IAN HUGHES - 30s-40s - Native Welsh, light, warm IAN HUGHES - Animation/Character IAN HUGHES - Documentary/Narrative
Ben Hull
BEN HULL - 20s-30s - Warm, charming, bright BEN HULL - Documentary/Narrative
Mickey Hutton
MICKEY HUTTON - 30s-40s - Newcastle - comedian, quirky, energy
Quentin Jones
QUENTIN JONES - 20s-30s - confident, fresh, cool QUENTIN JONES - Documentary/Narrative
Gary Jordan
GARY JORDAN - teens-30s - Energetic, animated, friendly GARY JORDAN - Animation/Characters GARY JORDAN - Documentary/Narrative
Updated! Stuart Laing
STUART LAING - 20s-30s - London - energy, real, laddy STUART LAING - Documentary/Narrative
Tony Lockwood
TONY LOCKWOOD - 30s-40s - Football commentator, upbeat, energy
Roger May
ROGER MAY - 30s-40s - warm, informative, engaging, characters ROGER MAY - Animation/Characters ROGER MAY - Documentary/Narrative
Lewis McKie
LEWIS McKIE - 20s-30s - Scottish - charming, gentle, friendly LEWIS McKIE - Documentary/Narrative
Martin Mednikarov
Harry Miller
HARRY MILLER - 40s - London - deadpan, quirky
Aidan O'Neill
AIDAN O'NEILL - 20s-40s - engaging, characters, warm, animation AIDAN O'NEILL - Animation/Characters
Paul Panting
PAUL PANTING - 30s-40s - amazing characters, warm, smooth, versatile PAUL PANTING - Animation/Characters PAUL PANTING - Documentary/Narrative
James Phoon
JAMES PHOON - Youthful, great characters, energy, gaming/animation JAMES PHOON - Animation/Gaming JAMES PHOON - Documentary/Narrative
David Pullan
DAVID PULLAN - 30s-40s - Standard RP - sincere, authoritative, genuine DAVID PULLAN - Documentary/Narrative
Jack Simmons
JACK SIMMONS - Animation/Characters
Updated! Andrew James Spooner
ANDREW JAMES SPOONER - 30s-50s - incredibly versatile, superb characters, energy ANDREW JAMES SPOONER - Animation/Characters (Gaming - see below) ANDREW JAMES SPOONER - Documentary/Narrative
Peter Vollebregt
PETER VOLLEBREGT - 30s-50s - engaging, versatile, accents PETER VOLLEBREGT - Animation/Characters PETER VOLLEBREGT - Documentary/Narrative
Rudolph Walker
RUDOLPH WALKER - 50s-70s - engaging, charming, warm, informative RUDOLPH WALKER - Animation/Characters RUDOLPH WALKER - Documentary/Narrative
Howard Ward
HOWARD WARD - 30s-40s - Northern - versatile, characters/accents HOWARD WARD - Animation/Characters HOWARD WARD - Documentary/Narrative
Updated! Timothy Watson
TIMOTHY WATSON - 30s-40s - Smooth, intense, deep TIMOTHY WATSON - Animation/Gaming TIMOTHY WATSON - Documentary/Narrative
Nigel Williams
NIGEL WILLIAMS - 30s-40s - Engaging, warm, smooth
Jonathan Wrather
JONATHAN WRATHER - 20s-30s - Northern - smooth, friendly, confident JONATHAN WRATHER - Documentary/Narrative
David Coburn
DAVID COBURN - 20s-40s - Authentic, contemporary, versatile DAVID COBURN - Animation/Characters DAVID COBURN - Documentary/Narrative
Anthony Ingruber
ANTHONY INGRUBER - Animation/Characters
Roy McCrerey
ROY McCREREY - 20s-40s - Lively, energy, authentic ROY McCREREY - Animation/Character ROY McCREREY - Documentary/Narrative
Eric Meyers
ERIC MEYERS - 20s-40s - Versatile - friendly, fresh ERIC MEYERS - Animation/Characters ERIC MEYERS - Documentary/Narrative
Randall Lee Rose
RANDALL LEE ROSE - 30s-50s - Medium to deep, power, texture RANDALL LEE ROSE - Animation/Characters RANDALL LEE ROSE - Documentary/Narrative
Graham Vick
GRAHAM VICK - 20s-40s - natural, characters, charm, adaptable GRAHAM VICK - Animation/Characters GRAHAM VICK - Documentary/Narrative
Ben Clutter
BEN CLUTTER - 20s-40s - engaging, characters, comedy, informative BEN CLUTTER - Animation/Characters BEN CLUTTER - Documentary/Narrative
David Pullan
DAVID PULLAN - 20s-40s - Quirky, expressive, authentic DAVID PULLAN - Documentary/Narrative (Australian)
Female Voices
Karen Ascoe
KAREN ASCOE - 30s-40s - Engaging, smooth, clear KAREN ASCOE - Documentary/Narrative
Charlotte Beckett
CHARLOTTE BECKETT - 20s - Engaging, funky, friendly CHARLOTTE BECKETT - Documentary/Narrative
Katy Carmichael
KATY CARMICHAEL - 20s-30s - Liverpool - character, funky, smooth KATY CARMICHAEL - Documentary/Narrative
Sarah Cartwright
SARAH CARTWRIGHT - 20s-30s - Scottish - fresh, attitude
Kate Colgrave
KATE COLGRAVE - teens-20s - London - energetic, cheeky, young KATE COLGRAVE - Documentary/Narrative
Ellen Collier
ELLEN COLLIER - 20s-30s - Husky, intelligent, strong, sassy ELLEN COLLIER - Documentary/Narrative
Donna Donovan
DONNA DONOVAN - 40s-50s - Smooth, confident, sincere DONNA DONOVAN - Animation/Characters DONNA DONOVAN - Documentary/Narrative
Madeline Duggan
MADELINE DUGGAN - Teens-20s - youthful, energetic, friendly
Felicity Duncan
FELICITY DUNCAN - 30s-40s - Warm, gentle, bright, charming FELICITY DUNCAN - Animation/Characters FELICITY DUNCAN - Documentary/Narrative
Ruth Evans
RUTH EVANS - 50s+ - Genuine, comforting, worldly RUTH EVANS - Documentary/Narrative
Helen Goldwyn
HELEN GOLDWYN - 20s-40s - engaging, characters, warm, informative HELEN GOLDWYN - Animation/Characters/Gaming HELEN GOLDWYN - Documentary/Narrative
Angie Greaves
ANGIE GREAVES - 30s-40s - soothing to persuasive, friendly, smooth ANGIE GREAVES - Documentary/Narrative
Emma Hignett
EMMA HIGNETT - 20s-40s - smooth, warm, corporate EMMA HIGNETT - Documentary/Narrative
Taylor Jones
TAYLOR JONES - 20s-40s - Welsh - chatty, fun, fresh, natural TAYLOR JONES - Documentary/Narrative
Lucy Longhurst
LUCY LONGHURST - 30s-40s - Standard RP - smooth, informative, engaging LUCY LONGHURST - Documentary/Narrative
Catherine McCargo
CATHERINE McCARGO - 30s-40s - N. Irish - confident, reassuring CATHERINE McCARGO - Documentary/Narrative
Aileen Mythen
AILEEN MYTHEN - 20s-40s - engaging, characters, warm, animation AILEEN MYTHEN - Animation/Characters
Zehra Jane Naqvi
ZEHRA JANE NAQVI - Accents, characters, kids, energy, charm ZEHRA JANE NAQVI - Animation/Characters/Gaming ZEHRA JANE NAQVI - Documentary/Narrative
Tara Newley
TARA NEWLEY - 30s-40s - Fantastic accents, characters, energy TARA NEWLEY - Animation/Characters TARA NEWLEY - Documentary/Narrative
Mary Ann O'Donoghue
MARY ANN O DONOGHUE - 30s-40s - Irish - genuine, natural, engaging MARY ANN O'DONOGHUE - Animation/Characters MARY ANN O DONOGHUE - Documentary/Narrative
Donna Pickup
DONNA PICKUP - 30s-40s - Northern, warm, genuine DONNA PICKUP - Documentary/Narrative
Penelope Rawlins
PENELOPE RAWLINS - 20s-30s - versatile, engaging, warm PENELOPE RAWLINS - Animation/Characters PENELOPE RAWLINS - Documentary/Narrative
Emma Rydal
EMMA RYDAL - 20s-30s - Northern - fresh, animated, attitude EMMA RYDAL - Documentary/Narrative
Fiona Skinner
FIONA SKINNER - 20s-30s - natural, strong, confident FIONA SKINNER - Animation/Characters/Gaming FIONA SKINNER - Documentary/Narrative
Josie Taylor
JOSIE TAYLOR - Fantasitc characters to smooth narrative JOSIE TAYLOR - Documentary/Narrative
Amanda Thomson
AMANDA THOMSON - 30s-40s - Sexy, husky, unique AMANDA THOMSON - Documentary/Narrative
Sandy Walsh
SANDY WALSH - 40s - Corporate to smooth, intelligent, authority SANDY WALSH - Documentary/Narrative
Emma Weaver
EMMA WEAVER - Kids-30s - Tweenies - versatile, fun, lively EMMA WEAVER - Animation/Characters EMMA WEAVER - Documentary/Narrative
Jane Whittenshaw
JANE WHITTENSHAW - warm, engaging, uplifting JANE WHITTENSHAW - Animation/Characters JANE WHITTENSHAW - Documentary/Narrative
Devora Wilde
DEVORA WILDE - 20s-30s Smooth, versatile, great accents DEVORA WILDE - Gaming DEVORA WILDE - Documentary/Narrative
Morna Young
MORNA YOUNG - 20s-30s - Scottish, natural, lilting MORNA YOUNG - Documentary/Narrative
Janis Ahern
JANIS AHERN - 20s-40s - US, sophisticated, fun JANIS AHERN - Documentary/Narrative
Kathryn Akin
KATHRYN AKIN - Smooth, engaging, corporate and characters KATHRYN AKIN - Animation/Characters KATHRYN AKIN - Documentary/Narrative
Penny Rawlins
PENNY RAWLINS - 20s-30s - versatile, engaging, warm PENNY RAWLINS - Animation/Characters PENNY RAWLINS - Documentary/Narrative
Jennifer Thompson
JENNIFER THOMPSON - Teens-20s - Characters, kids, energetic
Josie Taylor
JOSIE TAYLOR - Fantasitc characters to smooth narrative JOSIE TAYLOR - Animation/Characters JOSIE TAYLOR - Documentary/Narrative