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Frequently asked questions

How do I go about being represented by Shining Management?

If you are interested in sending a showreel to us with a view to possible representation, here are a few guidelines that may prove helpful:

We kindly ask that you do not ring or email the office with representation queries.

Please use only shiningvoices@gmail.com for submissions. Any submissions sent to our main email address will be deleted. We do not accept submissions by hand.

Who do I address my submission to?

Please address your showreel to "Shining Management Ltd." It will be passed on to the agent who has the most time to listen to it. Please do not mark your submission "as requested". Please send submission via email to shiningvoices@gmail.com only.

Will you actually listen to my CD?

We do listen to all submissions as quickly as possible. At times this can take up to a month.

Do I need to include a photo and CV?

Including a CV and photo can be interesting but is not essential.

What should my showreel contain?

A good submission usually includes approximately 5-6 commercials and 1 or 2 narrative/documentary reads. However, please note there are no strict rules here as it is really more about showcasing your specific talent/qualities. Generally this means mainly using your own natural speaking voice.

What about feedback?

We do receive a fair amount of CDs and unfortunately we are not able to give feedback or reply individually. If you wish to have your CD returned you need to include a stamped addressed envelope. We will not reply to emailed submissions unless we are interested in offering you representation.