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Artist Profile - Brian Herring

London/Cockney, Standard English/RP

Age Ranges
Teens, Twenties, Thirties

Voice Types
Actors/Actresses, Character/Animation, Comedy, Impressions, Modern/Youthful/Contemporary, Natural/Fresh, Quirky/Interesting/Unique, Upbeat/Energy

Brian’s career path has taken him from acting through stand-up, improv and after a long lay-over in television and film puppetry into voice work.  His work includes; ‘Spitting Image’, ‘Barking’ for CITV which was nominated for a BAFTA, ‘Roger and the Rotten Trolls’ (A BAFTA winner) and he has been a principal performer for the internationally acclaimed Jim Henson Company on projects such as ‘The Hoobs’, ‘Mopatop’s Shop’, ‘Construction Site’, ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ and ‘Muppet Treasure Island’.  Brian is one of the credit card carrying Guinea Pigs for the ‘Egg’ TV ads and has appeared at the Brit awards with the Scissor Sisters… twice.

His writing work includes CBBC’s The Animal Magic Show with Dominic Wood, more pantomime scripts than you can wave a magic wand at and the long-running weekly satirical show ‘Newsrevue’ at London’s Canal Café. 

Brian’s current projects include ‘Space Pirates’ the new flagship music show for CBBC, the Disney Channel’s forthcoming ‘Bunny Town’, a stint in the West End as Audrey II, the killer plant in the new production of ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ and an appearance in 'Hellboy 2: The Golden Army'.