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Artist Profile - Craig Barrett

Northern (English), Standard English/RP, Yorkshire

Age Ranges
Thirties, Forties

Voice Types
Actors/Actresses, Corporate/Informative, Husky/Seductive/Sexy, Natural/Fresh, Smooth/Soft-Sell, Understated/Low Key

Originally from Yorkshire Craig studied Drama at Middlesex Poly. Upon graduating he was awarded a scholarship to the Arts Educational London Schools where he studied voice with Penny Dyer the voice and dialect coach.
Craig has toured extensively throughout Britain and Europe in a variety of classic productions supported by the British Council, ranging from An Ideal Husband to Animal Farm in which he was proud to play Benjamin the Donkey! 

Craig has had extensive experience as a voice over artist ranging from commercials for radio and TV to documentaries for Channel 4, LWT and many Independents.

Some voice highlights include launching the IAMS pet food campaign whilst simultaneously voicing AirWick from Haze. A potent mix! He has also voiced the award winning Sony Vega Video Systems commercials on Sky and documentaries ranging from the Bafta winning Britain at War in Colour to The Life of Beatrix Potter for The National Trust

More recently Craig could be heard on The British Empire in Colour for TWI and is voicing the Dominos Pizza sponsorship of The Simpsons on Sky One. In addition to the voice work Craig has recently qualified as an Arts Psychotherapist, a facility that may prove useful in the voice over industry!