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Artist Profile - Janis Ahern


Age Ranges
Twenties, Thirties, Forties

Voice Types
Actors/Actresses, Attitude, Character/Animation, Comedy, Husky/Seductive/Sexy, Modern/Youthful/Contemporary, Natural/Fresh, Quirky/Interesting/Unique, Smooth/Soft-Sell, Understated/Low Key, Upbeat/Energy

Janis is originally from upstate New York. She lived and worked in both NYC and Los Angeles for many years doing numerous commercials for major brands such as Sudafed, Lysol, AT&T and IKEA. She is currently the voice of FAGE Yogurt USA.

Janis has lived in London for several years now with her actor husband and 2 children.  Trained in the theatre, Janis has worked steadily in film, TV, commercials and a bit of theatre. Janis is experienced in all aspects of voice overs - commercial, corporate and audiobooks.

Janis worked directly with Mark Sanger at FRAMESTORE on GRAVITY, recording the part of Ryan (Sandra Bullock) for CGI and production purposes. She then went on to do both MOCAP and ADR for Sandra Bullock working directly with Alfonso Cuaron. In 2017 Janis can be seen as the FOX TV Talk Show Host opposite Natalie Dormer in PATIENT ZERO directed by Stefan Ruzowitzky. Also she is playing the part of Tipper Gore in an upcoming ITV movie about Prince. Janis recently wrapped the part of John McEnroe's psychologist in a 2-hander scene with Shia LaBoeuf in the film Borg vs McEnroe.

For more credits check out Janis' Spotlight Link at -  http://www.spotlight.com/6052-6751-6768